My name is Melissa and I am a creator. A creator of stories, films, animations, stop-motion puppets, tiny crafts and fine jewelry. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and creativity. And I love to share what I learn!

I studied film, animation, and creative writing at the University of Southern California, where I ultimately graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinematic Arts Critical Studies. Out of college I worked as a fabricator for stop-motion animation on shows like the Emmy award winning Robot Chicken as well as on commercials and a short film for Oscar-nominated director PES. I also assisted producer Jonathan Gordon on Kevin Smith’s film Red State (2010) and the Oscar-nominated American Hustle (2013). In 2015, I co-founded fine jewelry company Lane + Lanae with my sister. And I have both my 200-hr yoga certification from Prana Yoga Center and my aerial yoga certification from Elka Yoga and Wellness.

I explore the connection between productivity and wellness through my writing coaching business, the Mindful Writer. I am passionate about helping people develop a sustainable writing practice that leads them to accomplishing their writing goals and believe that everyone is capable of reaching them without burning out.

A life-longer learner, I attend workshops, trainings, and conferences that help me hone the crafts of writing and living well. At any given time, you can find me in the middle of an article, book, audiobook, or podcast—or even all four—where I’m discovering the inner-workings of people, places, and times, as well as pondering ideas just outside the scope of our human understanding.

I also love to learn through traveling. I have globe trotted to 25 countries and counting. In fact, I lived in Berlin for 3 months with my best friend, eating doner kebabs and attempting to learn German (nicht so gut). It was there I discovered fresh mint and ginger tea, which I now drink often while writing.

Speaking of writing, my current passion project is a commercial fiction novel that incorporates elements of crime, mystery, farce, and buddy comedy.  Visit my blog to stay updated as I travel and create, or learn more about my Mindful Writer services here!