Citizen M - Swan Song nominated for an Annie Award!

I had the pleasure of working for director PES on this commercial last February over at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and am so excited to see it's nominated for Best Animated TV/Broadcast commercial at this year's Annie Awards!

It was a fun challenge to create stop-motion puppets that fit the scale of a life-size bed with the ability to move freely without tie-downs (i.e. a system that anchors the puppet to the surface it is being animated on). Animator Dillon Markey simply pushed them along the bed spread, inch by inch. 

I constructed the swan armatures with dumbbell weights, duct tape, wood, wire and string. The weights helped the puppets hold their position between pictures, or animation frames. PES gave me reference photos of various folded towel swans, but I had to "fake it" somewhat since the armatures needed to be hidden. I did a combination of folding, sewing and wiring to get the right shape that PES felt was believable. 



I also had the pleasure of helping fabricator Season Mustful with the fabric shark. To get the right affect we created several "replacement sharks" to make it look like it was rising up out of water. It was fun to get down and dirty shaping the styrofoam pieces. Much of puppet making isn't actually that messy so once in a while its refreshing to make a mess of things!

Season did an amazing job of choosing fabrics and covering each replacement shark to match the hero shark. And I got to help her make the pointy teeth!

You can watch the full commercial here: